Here's what kids are saying about Lolo's:


“Now I’m starting to use my yoga breathing before tests and going to sleep. I feel like I’m a totally different person now that I do yoga. I tell everybody how awesome it’s been for me.”

- 12 year old girl

"I kept hearing her say to take a breath. After a few breath's in child's pose I was like ‘Wow!’ I suddenly realized how worried I had been about my big school project. And then I suddenly realized that I could do it. All of a sudden I just felt so much more confident."

- 10 year old boy

"Take this class with Ms. Laurie. It’s so much fun. My favorite thing is the Queen Walk.” I think about how awesome I am and I walk her Queen Walk runway. And, boom, I feel so powerful and confident! I feel like it's a great break from my busy family."

- 7 year old girl

“It’s just so relaxing.” I always feel so good afterwards.”

- 8 year old girl